How does it work?

Form a team from 2 to 5 players, come uop with a great team name, and get in a free cell. Time's running. It's up to you to solve the challanges. You got approx. 2 to 5 minutes to solve a puzzle. Ready? Get to an other cell. Collect enough points to escape from Prison Island.

Other frequently asked questions
Split your group in teams (2 to 5 persons) & come up with a team name for each team
Present your team to the guards at the reception
You get a tag for each team. This is your key to the cells
Try any cell you want. You can play as many cells and as many times as you want.
A green light at the entrance of a cell, means the cell is free to play
The door unlocks when you place your tag at the light.
Time limits vary between 2 to 5 minutes per cell
A red flashing light inside the cell means you failed. You can try again.
A blue flashing light means you solved the puzzle. Points are added to your tag key.
Outside each cell a brief instruction is provided, with required skills and max points
When you return your key card, you receive a printout with your detailed results
You never need any force or violence to solve a challenge

Frequently asked questions

Prison Island is developed for all kinds of groups (from 2 up to 60 persons). If you like a challaging game, and have some team spirit, you will have a great time!
De belangrijkste preventieve maatregelen zijn: 1) reserveren verplicht (online 24/7) 2) maximaal 2 personen per team, behalve voor huishoudens 3) Alle RIVM maatregelen mbt 1,5 meter afstand houden, hygiene zijn actief
Prison Island is all about teamwork. You can play with groups from 2 up to 90 persons. Make teams from 2 to 5 persons. Aiming for the high scores? The best team size is 3-4 persons.
You can choose how long you want to play. Choose 1, 1,5 or 2 hours playtime. You can enter any cell within your chosen time limit, and play a cell as many times as you wish. To play all cells, min. 1,5 hours playtime is recommended.
There are no rules how to dress. However, easy going is the best way to go. High heel won't improve your skills & score.
Yes, you can. Unlike Escape rooms, you can challange yourself over and over again. Get to the next level and get higher scores!
Prison Island is created for all ages. The smarter, stronger or more determined you are, the higher the scores you will get. To reach maximum points, a team has both kids and adults.
No, your not. Every cell can always be opened from inside a cell. While playing, others can't enter the cell your team is playing. But going out, is as easy as leaving your own living room.
At each cell door there is a sigh with the name of the game, and the maximumscore you can get. It also indicates the skills needed: fysical, tactical or technical.
Inside our prison there is a monitor. here you can scan you key tag, and see your current score. At the end of your play time, when you return your tag, you will recieve a print out with your scores.