Can you escape Prison Island?

Enter the cell. Crack the codes. Set yourself free.

Prison Island is a real life game in a prison with prison cells, where you crack codes, solve puzzles and face physical challenges. Both young and adults can step inside the cells, play challenging games and try to escape from Prison Island.

Can you escape form Prison Island?

Go straight to prison

What can you expect?

How does it work?

Split your group in teams (2 to 5 persons) & come up with a team name for each team
Present your team to the guards at the reception
You get a tag for each team. This is your key to the cells
Try any cell you want. You can play as many cells and as many times as you want.
A green light at the entrance of a cell, means the cell is free to play
The door unlocks when you place your tag at the light.
Time limits vary between 2 to 5 minutes per cell
A red flashing light inside the cell means you failed. You can try again.
A blue flashing light means you solved the puzzle. Points are added to your tag key.
Outside each cell a brief instruction is provided, with required skills and max points
When you return your key card, you receive a printout with your detailed results
You never need any force or violence to solve a challenge