Can you escape Prison Island?

Enter the cell. Crack the codes. Set yourself free.

Prison Island is a real life game in a prison with prison cells, where you crack codes, solve puzzles and face physical challenges. Both young and adults can step inside the cells, play challenging games and try to escape from Prison Island.

Can you escape form Prison Island?

Go straight to prison

What can you expect?

How does it work?

Divide yourselves into teams of 2-4 people, pick a team name and get your key tag at the desk.
You can challenge the cells in any order you like. Start with cells with green light
Each cell is ranked after difficulty (tactics, physics, technicality)
Red light? time's up or mission failed. Green light? Well done, points get stored on your key.
Return key-tag to the desk and get your team score! Losers should offer drinks